Manage rapid company growth and decline

You have strategies in place to scale your business in record time. When you do succeed, it becomes clear that apart from the business strategies you used in scaling, a ton of technical work is required.

From on-boarding new staff, hooking them on your tools and company data; to off-boarding them completely and ensuring they don't run off with sensitive data; to ensuring your tech infrastructure can handle the new staff and increased demands on your business…

All this is hard work. Why not focus on your business, and allow us to take this burden off you?

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Precise and automated staff on

Business growth means team expansion. This typically means you lose a day of productive work to getting the new staff an account in your CRM and Microsoft 365, a company email and so on.

We save you that productive time by carrying out the On-boarding and Training processes effectively, on-site and online. We show up onsite to ensure your new staff are fully connected to your tools, and can find their way around.

Additionally, we provide online hands-on technical training for them to get right into productive work faster than you expect.

Absolute staff off boarding

When staff have to leave, you need to be assured your company’s sensitive data are not being exploited. We make that happen by securely off-boarding your staff, ensuring their accounts are closed, passwords changed and all access completely denied.

IT management services

Prepared for rapid growth

Rapid increase in business could mean you no longer have the IT infrastructure to support the processes you need to deliver, and might lead to dissatisfied customers and lost opportunities.

We collaborate with you to ensure your tech infrastructure is 100% reliable and wouldn’t crash due to high traffic, affording you the freedom to grow.

Would you like to take your tech infrastructure to the next level?

Giving you the freedom to scale with ease and confidence
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